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Promoting Social Responsibility & Community
Giveback through Athletics

Annual Golf Outing

About Team Up 4 Community

Our Mission

To promote social responsibility and community giveback through Athletics.

Our Vision

Creating an environment where athletes and others want to participate in community service and surround themselves with other like-minded, positive people who care about social responsibility.

Team Up 4 Community

Team Up 4 Community (TU4C) is an international community giveback project of the W20 Foundation. With TU4C, the Foundation is continuously building character among athletes through the promotion and collaboration of community service and social responsibility.

Many athletes perform community service, but there is not a central source or tools for athletes to be recognized and inspire others to participate in community service. Athletes have an enormous potential to use their power in numbers to empower their local communities. There is a critical need for a resource to bring together athletes to help their communities in order to optimize the impact of athletes.

With your support, the Foundation can achieve a greater impact for social responsibility and community giveback.

Who We Serve

TU4C focuses primarily on showcasing the community service acts that athletes, ages 6 through professional and Olympic levels, are contributing to their communities. This will in turn inspire and strongly influence others to participate.

There are an estimated 60+ million youth sports participants in North America, plus their family members that will have access to TU4C’s site. In addition, there are 30,000+ professional and Olympic athletes in North America alone.

TU4C Benefits Our Communities

Team Up for Community Events

By showcasing community service, TU4C fosters young peoples’ senses of civic engagement and community and helps them achieve their educational, developmental and social goals. As a result, communities are strengthened. Community service ultimately helps impact the areas we live in by creating a sense of pride and duty to return to society some of the benefits that society has given to the volunteers.

Communities are the backbone of North America, and our neighborhoods, organizations, teams, schools and friends allow us to join together to collectively make a difference. TU4C builds and strengthens our communities and individual characters by promoting social responsibility and community giveback.


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