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Promoting Social Responsibility & Community
Giveback through Athletics

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Team Up for Community Events

Team Up 4 Community (TU4C) is continuously building character among athletes through the promotion and collaboration of community service and social responsibility.

TU4C features an educational website, interactive tools and resources that highlight the community giveback that all athletes contribute, gives athletes and organizations ideas about what they can do to contribute to their communities, encourages greater participation from our youth in community service, and creates a sense of goodwill when giving back.

The website features a dashboard and interactive map that produces data results of TU4C’s success.

Athletes, Teams and Organizations Can:

  1. Login to www.TeamUp4Community.org and create a free account
  2. Upload their community service work
  3. The work is instantly displayed on the homepage map and dashboard
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Team Up for Community The Ripple Effect

You get to see the IMPACT made right away, while others are able to see the athletes, organizations and teams involved in community service.

In turn, this can create a RIPPLE EFFECT. A ripple effect is where athlete(s), like the ever expanding ripples across water when an object is dropped into it, are effecting other athlete(s), teams, organizations, friends,family and many others to become inspired, take action and get involved in their communities too!

  • Visit the ACTIVITIES section to participate in an exciting Online Activity that will raise an Athletes awareness as to WHY and HOW to giveback in their community!
  • Stop by the RESOURCES section to download valuable PDFS that provide an athlete, team and/or organization with the tools to initiate, grow, and sustain their community action ideas!
  • Learn more about the RESEARCH SUPPORTING TU4C
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