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Promoting Social Responsibility & Community
Giveback through Athletics

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Our Vision

Team Up for Community Events

Why should I get involved in My Community in Service?

Our neighborhoods, organizations, teams, schools and friends allow us to join together to collectively make a difference. We can build and strengthen our communities and our individual character by participating in community service.

Community service is a way of catching and learning good character building habits. Character is the result of the information we learn, the people we associate with, how we choose to spend our time and the type of attitude we hold. Character is the sum total of all our habits.

So if we were to catch and be taught good character we would have to be affected by the exposure to it in the right environment. One effective way to catch good character is to place ourselves in an environment that will develop desirable thoughts and attitude, motivate us and ultimately encourage us to build good habits. With Team Up 4 Community we are continuously striving to create an environment where athletes and others want to part take in community giveback and surround themselves with other like minded, positive people who care about social responsibility.

Our character is a thing alone we are responsible for forming and building. TU4C encourages all with the same belief to help share this message and continue to create a positive, exciting and supporting place for our athletes.

Looking for Ideas on How you Can Get Involved In Community Service, Here are some Suggestions!

Resources provided by YSA

Team Up 4 Community is dedicated to providing athletes and others with Online Resources that will raise the athletes’ awareness of WHY it is important to use their influence to create positive change; empower athletes to turn their ideas into reality; emphasize the importance of measuring impact and sharing your community service efforts.

YSA is a recognized global leader in providing resources and training that equip youth and adult mentors to lead high-quality, high-impact service and service learning programs.

Check out the YSA Resources Below to kick start your community service idea:

Do you need funding for your community service project?

Check out the Current Challenges that TU4C is hosting monthly and see how you can get involved Today!

As well, each year YSA supports youth-led service with over $1 million in YSA Grants. Visit www.YSA.org/grants to learn more.

YSA also hosts a Global Youth Service Day (GYSD) that celebrates the millions of youth who improve their communities.

To learn more and share your community service project visit: www.GYSD.org


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